Diabetes Blood Sugar Chart

A blood sugar chart can be extremely helpful in helping you to control or combat diabetes.

In its most basic form, a blood sugar level chart is simply a device in which you can record specific actions in your life that have been proven to have an effect on blood sugar. This device can be implemented in a variety of formats – a simple sheet of paper, a spreadsheet, software – even a phone application.

What Do You Record On A Blood Sugar Chart?

The actions most typically recorded on a blood sugar chart include:

  • the amount of insulin you have taken
  • the types and amounts of other medications you have taken
  • contents and size portions of your meals and snacks
  • the type and amount of physical exercises you have participated in
  • your condition upon waking up in the morning, going to bed at night, and after a nap

The above actions (and more – depending on the information your doctor wants to monitor) are all recorded with your blood glucose level as well as the time that the action occurred.

Benefits Of A Blood Sugar Chart

Track your blood sugar levels throughout the day to determine the best treatment(s) for yourself.

Assuming that you are diligent and accurate in your recordings, you and your doctor can tell at a glance which actions are making your blood sugar levels rise and which ones are causing it to decrease. It also tells him what times of the day are most problematic for you.

diabetes blood sugar chart

Diabetes Blood Sugar Chart

And, the blood sugar levels chart helps you as well. You can easily see if alternative methods of treating your disease (such as exercise, herbs, supplements, etc.) are having an effect.

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This information is invaluable in helping your doctor to come up with the appropriate medications to help control your diabetes.

There is really no limit in the types of information you can record on your chart. And the more information you can keep track of, the more you will come to understand the best ways of treating it.

Download Blood Sugar Chart

There are many types of blood sugar charts that you can download on the Internet. Here is a simple one that lets you track your blood sugar at morning, noon, and night. Download blood sugar chart.