Can Diabetes Be Cured?

Exciting news is occurring on more than a few fronts with the ongoing search for a diabetes cure. Scientists in multiple countries are getting tantalizing close to coming up with a cure for the disease (both type 1 and type 2) that has impacted millions of people the world over.

Can Diabetes Be Cured? The Answer Seems To Be Maybe

The following 3 diabetes cures highlight just a few of the advances taking place in the medical arena as multiple possible cures Can diabetes be cured?for diabetes flood the news.

1) Extreme Diet Type 2 Diabetes Cure – Recently, a study in Britain found that by severely restricting the caloric intake of patients with diabetes, the type 2 diabetes was completely reversed.

The trial lasted two months. And over those two months, the patients were limited to an average of 600 calories a day. In addition to the calorie restriction, participants were limited to diet drinks (i.e., no drinks with sugar). Vegetables were part of the menu as well, as long as they were of the non-starchy kind.

The study was small (only 11 people took part in it). But of the 11 participants, at the end of the period seven of them no longer had diabetic symptoms.

The study was shocking mainly because it seems to indicate that a person can reverse diabetes simply through diet changes. It also a strong indicator that someone with the disease no longer has to see it as a lifelong illness.

Following the so-called 8-week diet plan, the patients were no longer restricted to the 600 calorie a day limit. They were, however, given helpful guidelines on how to change their diet to eat healthier. When retested a month later, the seven who were “cured” still showed no signs of diabetes.

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You can read more about this amazing study at the 8 week diabetes diet.

2) The BCG vaccine – otherwise known as the bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine, is a vaccine normally used to protect against tuberculosis and childhood tuberculous meningitis. But, now, researchers have discovered that it might hold the cure to a diabetes cure as well. In clinical trials begin conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, the vaccine has already passed Phase 1 human clinical trials. So far, the trials have demonstrated the vaccine to be safe. Phase II of the trail will involve testing the vaccine against diabetes to determine its effectiveness against the disease.

Excitement around this method of treating diabetes was triggered when mice, who had been infected with type 1 diabetes, were cured of the diabetes when given this vaccine.

vaccine could reverse type 1 diabetes. According to researchers, the condition of the mice begin to improve within days of being given the vaccine. Humans are more complex than mice, and treatments that work spectacularly in mice don’t always work as well in humans. Still, even if it doesn’t lead to an outright cure, it undoubtedly will spawn more effective means of treating the disease.

You can read more about the experiments here BCG

3 The Capsaicin cure for diabetes – another study that sent shockwaves around the medical community was the discovery that when mice with Type 1 diabetes, were injected with capsaicin, their diabetes went away.

Capsaicin is the active component of chili peppers. It is the ingredient that makes the pepper hot. Researchers studying the effect of capsaicin on the mice theorize that type 1 diabetes is triggered by pain nerves around the pancreas not functioning properly. As a result, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to handle the glucose in the blood.

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To test their theory, the researches injected capsaicin into the mice to kill these pancreatic pain nerves. To their surprise, however, almost immediately following the injection, the mice begin to produce insulin. In other words, they were cured.

This has prompted more studies to be launched that will hopefully lead to a cure of diabetes in humans as well.

You can read more here diabetes hot pepper cure.

Until now, diabetes has mainly been considered a disease with no cure. As medicine progresses, however, we may soon see diabetes disappear from the population the same as other previously incurable diseases.