Diabetic Socks for Men and Women

Diabetic socks are a welcome luxury item for men and women who suffer from diabetes. They are also especially good for anyone who has blood circulation problems in their legs.

In severe cases of diabetes, the hands and feet can experience a diminishing of feelings and sensations. Specially made diabetic socks can help to protect the feet.

Features of Diabetic Socks For Men and Women

The elastic on the ankle and calve cuffs of diabetic socks are made with enough give so that they don’t restrict circulation. Many brands will also have seamless interiors. This means less irritation against the feet and legs. And, the higher priced ones will have additional cushioning on the soles, and sometimes the toes as well. This simply helps to give those areas a bit of extra protection from bumps and bruises.

In fact, many people who are not diabetic love to wear diabetic socks simply because they are much more comfortable to wear.

Diabetic Socks for Men

Neighborhood or mall apparel stores are not likely to carry diabetic socks. But some large cities do have special medical supply stores that do carry a limited selection. But, most people will have much better luck luck shopping for these special socks such as these on the Internet. You will also have a much broader selection of styles and colors to choose from.

However, if you don’t trust the Internet for shopping, check with your doctor. Some doctors who specialize in the treatment of diabetes will have their offices order diabetes socks in bulk. The patients can then simply purchase them from the office or from the store on the office’s premises.

Diabetic Socks for Women

Complaints With Diabetic Socks

Probably the biggest complaint will be that the elastic bands holding up the sock are either too tight or too loose. This can usually be resolved by trial and error simply by trying different brands of socks. When you find a brand that you feel comfortable with, just stick with them.

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