Finding Free Diabetes Supplies

Finding out that you have diabetes can be distressing news for anyone. This is especially true if, for some reason, you don’t have good health insurance. Fortunately, if you are willing to search, free diabetes supplies are available to those who are having monetary problems.

free diabetes suppliesThe best place to start your search for free diabetes supplies is with your doctor.

Most medical offices and doctors will be aware of many of the assistance programs available in their community, for the state government, and from the federal government.

You doctor may even be able to tell you precisely what person or, more likely, what office to contact.

In addition, some companies that produce diabetes supplies and equipment have programs in place to help diabetes patients with money problems.

Ask you doctor if he is involved with any such company that supplies items such as blood glucose meters, test strips, and so on. If he is, he may be able to order the appropriate supplies through his office.

Next check in with your local social services department in your neighborhood. Not every community has the resources to be able to afford medical financial help to its citizens. But some do.

If you have a child with diabetes who is under the age of 19, contact the SCHIP office in your community. SCHIP is a federal and state government partnership to expand health coverage to uninsured children from families with income that is too low to afford private or employer-sponsored health insurance but too high to qualify for Medicaid. If you qualify, they will be able to provide you with either completely free or low-cost coverage to help you obtain diabetes supplies.

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Links to Organizations Offering No-Cost Diabetes Supplies is a provider for Medicare as well as many private insurance plans. You have to go through their screening process to determine if you’re eligible to obtain free diabetic supplies from them. If you have insurance, odds are you  will not have to pay any out of pocket costs. They do, however, have a form on their website where you can enter information and see directly if you qualify for free diabetes supplies. If your child has type 1 diabetes, this organization can provide you with short-term free diabetes supplies to help you weather the storm. Especially helpful if you’re a parent who has just lost her job and/or health insurance. Their focus is entirely on the children and you will have to provide proof that you have access to no other financial resources.

The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association. This organization provides help to diabetes sufferers all over the world. They provide diabetes supplies such as insulin pumps, pump supplies, testing strips, glucose meters, and more. Their website has information on how to apply for aid through their services.

The list here is not all inclusive. There are many people and organizations willing to help. You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort to locate them.