Natural Cures for Diabetes

Do natural cures for diabetes exist? Many researchers think that the cure is found in lifestyle changes.

natural cures for diabetesThere are two types of diabetes. There is Type 1 which people are born with, and then there is Type 2 which people contract later in life.

Type 2 diabetes usually comes about from a poor diet and a lack of exercise. The body has become so exposed to fatty food and high levels of glucose that it no longer responds to the insulin levels produced naturally.

Many people turn immediately to medicine when they learn that they have contracted Type 2 diabetes. However, sometimes reversing these lifestyle choices can help to control the disease.

And changing the diet to a healthy one and starting an exercise routine can sometimes turn things around.


Some foods that help control blood sugar are oatmeal, broccoli, strawberries, lean meats, and cinnamon. These natural cures for diabetes are from different food groups. As a result, this variety in food choices can help balance a diet and bring regulation to fluctuating glucose levels.

Oatmeal – A Natural Diabetes Treatment

Oatmeal is a carbohydrate, but it is a lasting source of energy. Sustained energy can lead to any necessary weight loss and prevent over-eating. Broccoli and other leafy greens are particularly healthy for diabetics due to the extra fiber they provide. They also are recommended above starchy vegetables such as corn or sweet potatoes which raise glucose levels.

Strawberries A Natural Treatment For Diabetes

Strawberries are high in fiber and water levels, but they’re low in carbohydrates and sugar. In terms of a snack, strawberries are an excellent choice. Lean meats provide high levels of protein, and protein doesn’t raise glucose levels as much as carbohydrates. Surprisingly, cinnamon also helps with glucose levels, especially in those who have a difficult time regulating their blood sugar.

While these foods don’t seem like natural cures for diabetes, it’s good to keep in mind that diet and lacking physical activity were key contributing factors in the beginning. Finding a way to reverse diabetes will need to come in similar ways.

Incorporating these foods into regular diet practices is a good beginning and far less expensive than the medication options that many are driven to. The exercise can help with the weight loss and maintaining good energy levels. More than anything, taking personal responsibility for diabetes can help with longevity and lead to a healthier life.

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