Pre Diabetes Symptoms – Women and Men

Before someone is diagnosed with diabetes, they usually experience a set of pre diabetes symptoms which indicates that something may not be quite right with they way that their body is handling glucose.

pre diabetes symptoms womenScientists and researchers have determined certain thresholds of blood glucose levels that are normal as well as levels that indicate diabetes.

There is gap between these two ranges. Pre diabetes is usually defined as a condition where the blood glucose levels are above the normal range but have not yet reached the range considered to be diabetes.

One of the primary pre diabetes symptoms is the need to urinate frequently. In men, especially older men, this could also indicate prostate problems.

But it’s a sign of pre diabetes as well. This is especially true if the frequent urination is accompanied by continual thirst or need to drink.

Neither of these signs are 100% indicative of pre-diabetes, but if they persist it would not be a bad idea to ask your doctor, at your next physical exam, to perform a simple blood glucose test on yourself to put your mind at ease.

Another of the most common mentioned pre diabetes symptoms is blurred vision. Blurred vision is one of the things where, regardless of the cause, you want to seek medical advice right away – because loss or impairment of vision is a serious problem. Blurred vision could indicate incipient glaucoma, some sort of brain trauma, or even pre diabetes.

There are many times when there are absolutely no discernible symptoms or signs of diabetes – and yet the person has it. For these people, the only way to tell is to be tested. So, if you have no symptoms how do you know if you should be tested? You determine if you fall into one of the common risk groups.

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If you known that your ancestors have a history of diabetes, you are at risk. If you are overweight, you are at risk. If you fall into one of the following ethnic groups – Hispanic/Latino Americans, African-Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Alaska natives – you are at risk. There are other factors as well, which your doctor can inform you of. The key is that if you fall into any one of the “at risk” factors, you should periodically be tested for pre diabetes.

Understanding Pre Diabetes and It’s Symptoms

Pre diabetes is a critical health condition without any apparent symptoms of diabetes. This condition is also referred to as impaired glucose tolerance. Pre diabetes is common in people before he develops type II diabetes. As estimated by American Diabetes Association, nearly 54 million American individuals over age 20 are suffering from pre diabetes condition with a higher blood glucose level than normal, however, not so high that it can be exclusively classified under diabetic condition.

Every day, physicians and health professionals are reminded of the value of diagnosing pre diabetes condition as the initial phase of the treatment in order to protect people suffering from more critical health complications. Early diagnosis as well as treatment of pre diabetes may help people not suffering from diabetes type II and all other related health hazards such as heart problem, hypertension, eye disease, kidney disease, and many others.