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Is it possible to reverse diabetes? Some researchers believe that it is. They also believe that it’s possible to reverse diabetes by purely natural means.

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Type 1 Diabetes Cannot Be Reversed

Type 1 diabetes cannot be reversed, at present. This type of diabetes is insulin dependent and is caused by the person’s body simply not being able to produce sufficient insulin to enable it to process their food. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. It can only be treated.


What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

The situation for type 2 diabetes, however, may be a bit different. Looking at how diabetes (type 2 diabetes) usually begins in people can be instructive. Incidences of diabetes two have been on a steep incline for at least two decades. One of the reasons is the greater number of carbohydrates that people are eating as part of their normal food intake. Research has shown that a significant correlation between the number of carbohydrates consumed, which leads to obesity, and the odds of a person developing diabetes.

The theory is that as a person eats more carbohydrates, it forces his body to produce more insulin. By the time a person reaches the overweight stage or the obesity stage, his body is producing much more insulin than it should. Gradually, the body begins to “adjust” to the excess insulin in the body and over corrects itself to the point where it becomes insulin resistant. In short, this means that the body, even though it is producing plenty enough insulin for it’s needs, is unable to utilize that insulin. As a result, the blood sugar in the body begins to rise until it reaches diabetic levels.

How To Reverse Diabetes

The two primary means that health proponents suggest to reverse diabetes is diet changes and exercise. From a dietary standpoint, this means that diabetics should cut down on the number of grains that they eat. Of course, this works in contrast to the idea being promoted by many food pyramid which maintains that grains should be a major portion of the diet. In persons with diabetes, however,  grains eaten by a person quickly turn to excess glucose in the blood stream.

A better food model for the person with diabetes is to follow the Diabetes Food Pyramid. Unlike the normal food pyramid, this pyramid groups foods largely based on their carbohydrate content. Before making any drastic dietary changes, however, inform your doctor of your planned changes and get his or her input.

In addition to diet, the diabetic patient should begin to exercise regularly. Exercise does two things of importance simultaneously. One, it is a primary factor in helping to get rid of excess fat. Secondly, exercise helps to lower the amount of insulin in the blood stream as well as burning off much of the excess glucose in the blood.

Statistics are that one out of every three Americans will end up at some point in their lives of having type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. But this doesn’t have to be true. Fortunately, the same lifestyle changes that can be made to reverse diabetes, can be used to prevent it as well.

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