Signs of Diabetes in Women, Men, and Children

Diabetes in adults often goes untreated. This is because, in many cases, there are no outward symptoms that betray the disease.

warning signs of diabetes

It’s important to note that in many cases, a person developing diabetes will experience no symptoms.

However, more often than not, if you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, you may be in the first stages of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Signs of Diabetes in Women and Men

Frequent urination – are you noticing that you are going to the bathroom much more often than in the past? People with diabetes have difficulty processing glucose. As a result, glucose tends to build up in their blood stream. In an effort to get rid of the glucose, the kidney excretes in the urine which is why they will often feel the need to urinate more frequently.

Dry mouth – can be a side effect of diabetes. If you are experiencing dry mouth, you may find yourself drinking a lot more water and liquids than normal. If you continue to experience dry mouth over a period of weeks, it may be time to make an appointment with your doctor

Sudden weight loss – unless you are on a strict diet, sudden weight loss probably indicates that something has gone awry in your body’s functioning. The loss may be caused because the person’s body is suddenly unable to make use of the energy provided by the glucose in his blood stream. As a result, even though the person eats enough, the nutrients do not get to the cells and, all of a sudden, the person is losing weight.

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Blurred vision – any sudden change in vision, especially blurred vision, is a clue that diabetes may be the cause. But, whether it is or is not the cause, blurred vision is always cause for concern. Blurred vision that is constant re-occurring is a sign to immediately have a talk with your doctor or medical care person.

Lethargy – Are you sleeping more. Or, are you always tired? If the body is unable to process nutrients, it’s not unusual that the person will feel tired. They’re just not able to make use of the energy.

Slow healing cuts and bruises – people with diabetes have more difficulty healing from cuts and such because, again, their body’s cells aren’t able to get all of the nutrients they need to repair themselves.

Even though these are some of the most common signs of diabetes, not every man or woman who has diabetes will have all of these symptoms.

The warning signs of diabetes should not be taken lightly. And even though diabetes warning signs can manifest themselves at any time and at any state in life, knowing the warning symptoms will help you to identify possibly problems before they become too serious.

In fact, in many cases, if the disease is caught early enough, and treated properly, it’s possible to reverse or delay the full onset of diabetes.

Warning Signs of Diabetes in Children

The Georgia chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation recently invited friends and families of type 1 children with diabetes to join together for a walk to raise awareness of the disease and to highlight the warning signs of diabetes in children.

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The warning signs of this illness for children are basically the same as for adults.

Most children with diabetes, come down with it suddenly. Unfortunately, many parents miss type 1 diabetes warning signs because the symptoms of diabetes are mostly silent. And although, only a doctor or medical health professional can diagnose someone with diabetes, there are some diabetes warning sign that you can be on the lookout for in your children.

It can be difficult determining whether a child, especially a really young one, is experiencing diabetic symptoms. This is because most don’t have the appropriate vocabulary to describe how they are experiencing pain, discomfort, and so on. In these cases, if you notice any of the above signs, it’s best to play it safe and have your doctor run them through a few tests on your next visit.