Want an Alternative Treatment for Diabetes?

Many diabetics, not satisfied with their regular medical treatments, are looking for alternative treatment for diabetes. Since diabetes was first discovered, people without access to medical doctors have been coming up with their own home remedies for diabetes.

alternative treatments for diabetesNormally, when a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the first response is devastation. The only thing that you can think about is the complete change of life style that you’re about to undergo. You also believe that now you’ll have to live your life with the constant fear of complications from this disease. But, cheer up.   While not great, the picture is not as grim as you might think. Firstly, diabetes can be fully controlled with the help of medication and diet plan; and secondly there are plenty of simple natural things you could do yourself to help yourself live a normal life.

Mother Nature has all the answers, provided you respect ancient wisdom and take her help. Many believe that they have found an alternative treatment for diabetes that they can prepare in their kitchens with the minimum effort which could reduce and even eliminate th health problem for themselves. There’s no guarantee, however, that any alternative treatment for diabetes will work. So, if you’re planning on taking any of the following preparations in addition to your diet plan and normally prescribed medication, always talk with your family and doctor first about  whatever alternative treatment for diabetes you are following to be on the safe side.

Trying A Natural Diabetes Treatment

The most commonly used alternative treatment for diabetes is the bitter gourd. Medicinally it has been acknowledged to contain plant insulin, which helps lowering and regulating blood sugar naturally. For best results you would need to drink the juice of three or four bitter gourds every morning on empty stomach.

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The fenugreek seeds are also known to be very good in fighting and reversing the effects of diabetes. You would need to soak about 50 grams of these seeds overnight, grind them and make a few balls out of the paste. Swallow this with water in the morning on an empty stomach at least one hour before breakfast. Fenugreek can also be taken with milk (two teaspoons of powdered or whole seeds).

Another famous one among alternative treatment for diabetes is the mango tree leaves. Pick tender about 15-20 leaves of mango tree leaves and boil them with one glass of water for about five minutes. Cover the pot and leave it undisturbed overnight. In the morning strain the concoction and drink it on an empty stomach.

Curry leaves are also believed to cure diabetes. You need to eat about ten fully matured curry leaves every day in the morning for about three to four months. This not only prevents diabetes but also cures it completely. It impacts best those who developed diabetes due to obesity.

These are only a few of the existing common, simple yet extremely potent natural alternative treatments for diabetes. With a little research you would be able to find many more such recipes that have the ability to free you from the clutches of diabetes.