Insulin Pump Supplies

If you are looking for prices below resale, you can find insulin pump supplies and insulin pump accessories at american diabetes wholesale. The prices are not exactly wholesale, but you can find many brands at reasonable prices.

Purchasing Insulin Pump Supplies With Tax Free Accounts

insulin pump suppliesFlexible spending accounts (FSAs) are tax free financial accounts that allow certain employees to deduct money from their salary, tax free, and save it to a special account.

The employee can then use this account to pay for prescriptions and other qualified medical expenses. The types of expenses covered vary by employer.

Your employer is the entity who determines if insulin pump supplies are covered by the company’s FSA. If your employer offers such an account, and it covers expenses which you typically pay for, it is worthwhile to enroll in the program.

Not all suppliers are set up to process FSAs. Therefore, if you have a flexible spending account, you want to find an insulin pump suppliers who is able to sell his merchandise through this plan.

If you have Medicare coverage, you are likely covered for the expense of insulin pump supplies as well as other diabetes related equipment.

What To Look For In An Insulin Pump

Before purchasing an insulin pump, its a good idea to look at reviews of pumps made by the various manufacturers. You want a pump that is as accurate as possible. You also want one that is comfortable to wear. You will find that some companies also offer specially made clothes that have been designed to hold an insulin pump without being too intrusive. Kids, who are very sensitive to fashion choices of their friends, will especially appreciate this.

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The purpose of insulin pumps are to help those with diabetes regulate their diabetes by drip feeding them insulin via a pump. There are various types of pumps and they each require their own specific supplies and accessories. Typically, however, when you purchase an insulin pump, you will also need some sort of a tubing system, a container where the insulin is stored, and a delivery system which consists of a tube that is inserted into the body.

If you order through the Internet, check out reviews of the company and make sure that they have a money back or replacement guarantee if the insulin pump supplies that they send you are not as advertised.